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vars {SimEngine}R Documentation

Access internal simulation variables


This is a "getter function" that returns the value of an internal simulation variable. Do not change any of these variables manually.


vars(sim, var)



A simulation object of class sim_obj, usually created by new_sim


If this argument is omitted, vars will return a list containing all available internal variables. If this argument is provided, it should equal one of the following character strings:

  • seed: the simulation seed; see set_config for more info on seeds.

  • env: a reference to the environment in which individual simulation replicates are run (advanced)

  • num_sim_total: The total number of simulation replicates for the simulation. This is particularly useful when a simulation is being run in parallel on a cluster computing system as a job array and the user needs to know the range of task IDs.

  • run_state: A character string describing the "run state" of the simulation. This will equal one of the following: "pre run" (the simulation has not yet been run), "run, no errors" (the simulation ran and had no errors), "run, some errors" (the simulation ran and had some errors), "run, all errors" (the simulation ran and all replicates had errors).


  • You can also access simulation variables through sim$vars, where sim is your simulation object (see examples).


The value of the internal variable.


sim <- new_sim()
sim %<>% set_levels(
  "n" = c(10, 100, 1000)
sim %<>% set_config(num_sim=10)
vars(sim, "num_sim_total") %>% print()
sim$vars$num_sim_total %>% print()
vars(sim) %>% print()

[Package SimEngine version 1.2.0 ]